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  • adj. That is not capable of being stolen.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ stealable


  • This makes a lot more sense than Nick Negroponte's cheap laptops, because it uses current technology in a clever way, which renders them basically unstealable, which is no small deal.


  • And regardless of Gore getting the popular vote he still should have won by a solid, unstealable margin.

    Bill Clinton Rips Obama In Charlie Rose Interview

  • I was happy to recover my car, but found myself confronting a 21st-century quandary: how was our unstealable car so easily stolen?

    The Mystery of the Missing Car

  • With the platform owners' death grip on the games industry about to be broken, software publishers old and new will be able to compete unfettered on the net, with an unstealable client/server game available to a global market.

    Gaming's Last Hurrah (As We Know It)

  • The hardware monopoly wielded by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo becomes irrelevant when you can play an unstealable real-time game on the family PC over the net.

    Gaming's Last Hurrah (As We Know It)

  • Again, the herb salad steals what should be an unstealable show.

    Degustation: still 392 progeniturillian stars

  • The caravan considered it unstealable, and Tim felt they were right.

    Destiny's Road

  • "We learn how to build buildings that are indestructible, duplicate the unduplicatable, steal the unstealable, and in general lay the foundation to become the gods of this corner of the galaxy."

    Timegod's World

  • Will software that hunts down our property one day render our stuff almost unstealable?

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • He thinks about love, and how for one brief lit-up moment he found it, true gold, unstealable, gift only.

    New Statesman


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