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  • adj. That cannot be stemmed; being an unstoppable flood.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ stem +‎ -able


  • Bobby had taught him not to wrench the valves, however, so he sat passively, neither fostering thought nor trying not to think, and gradually the flow subsided-except for one unstemmable trickle, and that trickle's source was Suzy.

    Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

  • They are irked over the gains of the revolution, irked over the successes of the revolution, irked by the unstemmable progress of the effort of our people, certain that they do not have much time left for fumbling with intrigue and lies, and certain that the successes of our revolution's creative work will stand as a historic event and an extraordinary example for the world.


  • Ralls and Bruce Ubukata read salient bits from the letters of Robert Schumann and, with two principal singers, cherry-picked their way through the unstemmable flood of 128 songs that flowed from Schumann's pen in the heady months leading to his 1840 marriage to the brilliant young pianist Clara Wieck.

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  • A colony full of men and women with fragile egos and unstemmable ambition, all of them trained in vicious political infighting at the most dangerous and terrible schools of bureaucratic combat in the Empire -- the universities. "

    Flux Tales of Human Futures

  • a superfluity of waters, and the tide to change and the wind fall -- the open sluice of some great reservoirs at home will give an image of the unstemmable effluxion.

    In the South Seas

  • He had a very keen and intelligent blue eye, a mass of iron grey hair, lips, the scornful curl of which was terrible, and with all this a voice stentorian in its power, and yet flexible, with a flow of language rapid and abundant as the flow of a great river, and as unstemmable ” the very beau-ideal of a mob orator.

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