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  • adj. Not stifled.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ stifled


  • The version by Lady Charlotte Guest in 1849 is quite formal and sedate and doesn't really bring this out, but even so it is still there in spirit, unstifled by Victorian morality.

    Richard Britton Interview

  • Our only chance of foreseeing the potential world-shaking impact of Galtonian artificial selection rests in the honest, unstifled study of Darwinian natural selection.

    A Curiosity

  • The fact becomes clear when we react to ancient literature in the natural, unstifled way we would to a modern text.

    The Muse in the Machine

  • The part the pigeon performs is to transport the nut to free, unstifled soil.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • Not just listened to in general, but REALLY listened to, unstifled in any way.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • Now they sat back in their seats and closed their eyes or looked mutely at the passing drab scenery with no more than an unstifled yawn, until they pulled through the embassy gate.

    The Bear and the Dragon

  • He sees a place where there is a galaxy that is unstifled by the rules of the Federation, striving ceaselessly to create a perfect reality that exists only in the minds of those who have an interest in maintaining the status quo.

    Double or Nothing

  • Or was it only the unstifled yearning in his heart that made her seem so?

    Success A Novel

  • When Henry told me he cared for me, that unstifled inner voice which we all of us hear more or less indistinctly told me I would be untrue to myself and quite unworthy of life if, when such

    Margot Asquith, an Autobiography - Two Volumes in One

  • The universal conscience, unbribed, unstifled as on the fateful day in Eden -- conscience, the only thing in man left standing erect when all else fell -- still cries out, "YOU OUGHT!" still rebels at evil, still compels the human heart to cry for rules of right and wrong, and still urges man to the one, and withholds him from the other.

    Our Master Thoughts for Salvationists about Their Lord


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