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  • adjective Without stirring; quiet and still.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ stirring


  • Let me just quotes one stanza: The reeds are unstirring, the sedge doesnn't quiver.

    Alan Elsner: New Cello-Piano Duo Brings Insights into "Russian Soul"

  • At first, he had no choice, there being nowhere else for him to crawl; but later on it got to be more and more fun, even if, dead-tired and mournful after such treks, he would lie unstirring for hours on end.

    The Metamorphosis, in The Penal Colony,and Other Stories

  • My really preferred diet is century-old vampire-flesh, obtained from the shadowed & moss-grown churchyards where certain evil sorcerers were interred 200 years or more ago, there to lie fat and fresh through the generations, silent & unstirring save when their misty emanations steal forth after sunset to afflict the countryside & exact a hideous toll from lone wayfarers.

    In the footsteps of Mythos… (updated) « Skulls in the Stars

  • Pragmatism, though unstirring, may yet be transformational; final verdicts, thick in the air, are far too premature.

    Carla Seaquist: Recovery Without a Reckoning

  • The discipline that enables us to stay unstirring, in mind and in body, and then leap from that place into swift motion and thought kept us alive for many eons.

    Shadow Hunters

  • And still they sat, unstirring, as if afraid to break a spell.

    A Silent Wooing

  • Beautiful and deep it was, out there, the shapes unstirring, dark and as if brooding.

    Over the River

  • This is what the ancient Egyptians felt like; with such a wide expanse stretching in flatness all around them, unstirring.

    hemopoetic Diary Entry

  • Kurtz heard either Darren or Douglas say, "Yeah" and then he got busy retrieving the Colt M4, checking that the magazine was full and the safety off, and then lying prone behind the moaning — but still unstirring — facedown figure of Warren.


  • I knew it through all the nights when you lay here, unstirring.

    The Mad Ship


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