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  • adj. Not strategic.


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un- +‎ strategic


  • He told journalists it would be 'unstrategic' to go to war with 15 heads of state but dismissed speculation that he would join Mugabe in forming a government that excluded Tsvangirai.

    AllAfrica News: Latest

  • This story, I suspect strongly, is being repeated up and down the UK as NHS trusts and local authorities search for rapid, unstrategic short term cuts.

    Cuts: charities take a hit from the public sector bad guys

  • The T-P says that Nagin might have made a bad, unstrategic "management decision" regarding the city layoffs that Katrina "forced".

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Instead of letting unstrategic actors like Rahm Emanuel negotiate away the public option with fake Republic "moderate" Olympia Snowe, why not barnstorm across her home state of Maine -- a state Obama won 58% to 40% -- demanding she vote for a public option that her constituents support?

    Adam Green: President Obama: It's Time To Step Up

  • This woman the unstrategic culprit must have felt with a passion that something needs to be done about Botswana's literature, even if it means being somehow inappropriate with a stranger on the phone; sad as it sounds,it's a serious is a serious issue to the literature produced in Botswana.

    I'm White , damn it- get over it!

  • The new CEO should be fired with his unstrategic thinking, because right NOW is the time to get something out and fast.

    More details on Motorola’s Android efforts emerge « Boy Genius Report

  • So that, naturally enough, since succeeding to the agricultural calling, and up to his present age of thirty-two, he had neither advanced nor receded as a capitalist — a stationary result which did not agitate one of his unambitious, unstrategic nature, since he had all that he desired.

    Wessex Tales

  • I might be said to occupy a very unstrategic position.

    Vailima Letters

  • The basis of the opposition to Kyoto is simply reactionary politics and corporate greed, combined with an unstrategic worldview perhaps summed up best by Jim Morrison: "I'm going to get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames."


  • Against the background of an unstrategic and poorly governed and inefficient public asset portfolio, the need to restructure state assets is recognised in the GEAR strategy.

    Discussion Documents for Commissions


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