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  • adj. Without streaks or stripes.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ streaked


  • To lie on luxurious pillows on a Sunday morning, with nothing to do but pick at breakfast off fine plates while music played and the sun streamed in through unstreaked windows.


  • The sky here was wide and unstreaked, one big, clean window.

    Surrender, Dorothy

  • It was without lines, and the heavy masses of her golden-brown hair were quite unstreaked with silver; but her white forehead was serene with the calmness that follows overcoming, and her dark gray eyes saw the world shorn of its illusions.

    The Master-Knot of Human Fate

  • At last, in the waning afternoon of life, when her smooth brown hair was as yet unstreaked with grey and her cheeks had still a splash of colour in them, she fell ill of some mysterious malady -- mysterious, at least, to the sympathetic villagers -- and one dreary day in the blustering autumn she was aware in her heart that the Shadow was in the room.

    Drolls From Shadowland

  • HIS was a distinct and marked patriotism; quite alone in "splendid isolation" but shining like the sun; unstreaked with doubt; unmixed with cavil or question, which, finally given reign on many a spot of strife in "Sunny France"; the Stars and Stripes above him; a prayer in his heart; a song upon his lips, spelt death, but death glorious; where he fell -- HOLY GROUND!

    History of the American Negro in the Great World War His Splendid Record in the Battle Zones of Europe; Including a Resume of His Past Services to his Country in the Wars of the Revolution, of 1812, the War of Rebellion, the Indian Wars on the Frontier, the Spanish-American War, and the Late Imbroglio With Mexico

  • Monsieur R., though seventy-eight years of age, retains all his faculties perfectly, is straight as an Indian, his luxuriant hair unstreaked with gray, and he is over six feet in height.

    Over the Border: Acadia, the Home of "Evangeline"

  • Having heard all this many, many times from her aunt, Elizabeth had finally accepted the sad fact that she had "a wild streak" in her, just as she accepted the variegated color of her hair, not without much rebellion against her fate though, and many tears of repentance, and frequent solemn pledges to walk in unstreaked propriety for the rest of her days.

    'Lizbeth of the Dale

  • The man was so massive; his hair so black, and, at the age of fifty, still unstreaked with gray.

    The Rapids

  • It seems almost a sacrilege to add that he was past man's perfect prime, and to hint that perhaps his scanty, unstreaked hair sought surreptitious rejuvenation in a drug-store bottle.

    No. 13 Washington Square

  • His features are regular, but dark and deeply marked, while his black hair is still unstreaked with gray.

    Great Fortunes and How They Were Made


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