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  • v. Not to stress, or to remove the stress from.
  • n. An unstressed syllable.


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un- +‎ stress


  • DUPLE RHYTHM, a rhythm of two beats (though corresponding generally to ¾ time in music), one stress and one unstress, _̷ ◡ or ◡ _̷.

    The Principles of English Versification

  • When there is an easily felt regularity of the groups, when the alternation of stress and unstress and the approximate equality of the time intervals are fairly apparent, then the rhythm is simple.

    The Principles of English Versification

  • I think the next time I feel stress in my teaching job, this will afford me the opportunity to just "walk out of my classroom" and not tell someone because I need to relax and unstress.

    Pam's House Blend - Front Page

  • As an attempt to unstress this past weekend, I even put together this lantern from some red packets (ang pow) that I received free when I bought the sliced pork (strange gift, no?).

    Tamarind and Thyme

  • It was snowing so much today but i really wasnt bothered. snowed a few months a go and i basically spent the whole day outside which i do everytime it snows as well as this, when i am stressed i always have a bath. i dont know why i just always do, it helps unstress me. but now it really does not help and im as stressed as i was before i got in.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • Not the stately march of ‘unstress-stress’ or one’s resting heartbeat, but the rhythm of running.

    Patrick Rosal reads Robert Hayden


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