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  • adv. In an unsubtle manner.


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  • People who don't think too much about politics were just glad to see someone as president who could at least play the part, however lazily and unsubtly.

    Paul Slansky: Spoiler Alert! I Was Not a Reagan Fan

  • This whole "feelings" business is primarily a ploy to unsubtly insinuate that Sotomayor, as a woman, is somehow untrustworthy to sit on the high Court because she might be excessively prone to feminine bouts of feeling and passion.

    Feelings, nothing more than feelings (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Canada's prime minister – and dark horse GOP vice presidential pick joke – Stephen Harper is in China, unsubtly offering some sweet Canadian crude to make America jealous.

    Rick Santorum triumphs in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri – live reaction

  • My core point was that the mainstream media should not be subtly or unsubtly pushed into accepting untrue or misleading right-wing propaganda to frame news stories.

    Right-wing propaganda revisited: A reply to readers

  • As far as he is concerned, three Jews on the Supreme Court is proof positive that liberals like President Obama are, as the title of Buchanan's latest fulmination unsubtly proclaims, "anti-WASP."

    Menachem Rosensaft: Patrick Buchanan: What Else Is New?

  • They unsubtly noted that many recent recalls were "as serious as or more serious" than Toyota's.

    Washington's Toyota U-Turn

  • Like most people, where he is less certain, he is more orthodox, as he showed after clinching the nomination with an unsubtly “pro-Israel” speech at the AIPAC convention in Washington.

    Rhetorical Questions

  • Now, the reason I was thinking about this is because a very handsome guy came into the bookstore the other night and I caught myself very unsubtly peering at the books in his hands; and I realised that I was revising my opinion on his handsome-ness based entirely on what he was about to read.

    things that make you prettier (to me)

  • There is something so unsubtly masculine about Richard Serra's work that I had always given it a somewhat embarrassed wide berth in the past.

    Robert Ayers: Top 10 Art Events of the Last Decade

  • As a bonus, Valve have also been rather unsubtly hinting that Steam and all of their Source-based games will soon be available on Macs and OS X soon as well.

    PORTAL 2 officially announced


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