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  • adv. In an unsuitable manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In an unsuitable manner; unfitly; inadequately; improperly; incongruously.

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  • adv. in an inappropriate manner


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  • In 2010, responding to a BBC poll of how various countries regard each other, the paper said public opinion about China was shaped by the Western media, which it described as "unsuitably seasoned with misunderstanding, misinterpretation or even bias and enmity."

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • She immediately showed her lack of education, understanding of the national scene and her total unsuitably for the office of vice president. wag

    Palin: 'The media will never understand'

  • In February, Finra fined a firm $200,000 for allegedly failing to supervise sales of reverse convertible notes and selling them, unsuitably, to a retired couple.

    Mutual-Fund Fines Still a Finra Focus

  • Don't be surprised to see hordes of people posing for pictures in front of "Glico Man," the unsuitably athletic mascot of the Glico candy company.

    City Walk: Osaka

  • Its 11: 00a. m., and I can already tell that today will be a day where there are plenty available, yet unsuitably placed and inconvenient to use.

    Hunting Season

  • There were some what I would call - unsuitably, given the circumstances - young Turks who are not Turks but who were proved more hostile.

    Bridging The Christian-Muslim Divide

  • In the years since his death, many of his innovations, theories, and claims have been used, at times unsuitably and controversially, to support various fringe theories that are regarded as unscientific.

    Supermassive Black Holes Spinning Backwards Create Death Ray Jets? | Universe Today

  • When one, unsuitably attired in sandals and jeans, asked this Dales shepherd if he had seen the programme, he could answer quite truthfully: Afraid not.

    Country diary: Uldale Force

  • Of that television voice role he reveals that the casting was last minute, and he turned up to the late night session rather unsuitably dressed:

    Filmstalker: Closing Credits: John Forsythe

  • Amber was a four year old due to start reception, a little spoilt and particular and always unsuitably clothed – too new, too smart as Nicole always had plans from painting with the children, making cakes or playing in the nearby park!

    Archive 2009-06-01


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