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  • adj. not supporting
  • adj. not assisting

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  • adj. not furnishing support or assistance


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ supportive


  • Moreover, recent trends suggest that the state of the wider economy — particularly the labour market — is likely to remain unsupportive in the months ahead.

    U.K. Consumer Lending Slows

  • Needless to say, the comments on the blog entry are fairly, shall we say, "unsupportive" of the decision : Software Archives

  • Now, I fully expect to be blocked out of your blog, or hear angry responses about how could I be so "unsupportive" from the many who've posted some beautiful things as comments to this post.

    A letter on dying: #1

  • Pfthth. Anyway, today I feel like I am being kind of unsupportive of Neil or something, that I'm always not going with him, and sure I was too ill for years, but now I am well and I should be going with him when he visits family.

    sheepdip Diary Entry

  • It concluded that people were generally "unsupportive" of these - although the level of understanding about the technologies was considered low.

    BakeryAndSnacks RSS

  • (To this day she pesters me about whether I'm sure my breast-fed babies are getting enough to eat; the parenting magazines would classify her as "unsupportive" and warn me to stay away.)


  • See, even though The Spin has a reputation for being, uh, "unsupportive" of Nashville artists that see monumental success outside of the 615, we are 100 percent into Ke$ha.

  • Burnley council 'unsupportive' over staging play about town's 2001 riots, claims theatre company

    The Stage / News Headlines

  • The message was loud and clear, three different sources: a white, aspiring actor from California who realized once he was on the stage, he just wasn't good enough; a woman who was told "this isn't the world for you lady," and who made it with hit shows; a black kid from Houston, whose own teacher was unsupportive about his dream, probably thinking she was saving him from pain and disappointment.

    Freddie Gershon: I Have a Dream

  • "The inability to be out at work as well as being out at work in an unsupportive environment can have a negative impact on an employee's productivity," UK's Stonewall said in its 2008 report.

    To Be Gay In Indian Business


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