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  • In an unsurpassable manner or degree; so as not to be surpassed.


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  • You'll all know by now that Friday is a red-letter day which bears the unsurpassably perfect palindromic date of 11.11.11 – and for the jackpot bonus buzz, just check your clock or watch at precisely 11 minutes past 11.

    Armistice Day recalls Arthur Collins' imperishable cricketing feat | Frank Keating

  • In the United States, there is a widespread and longstanding fear that government will do an unsurpassably poor job of it, but no other institution can provide and enforce such regulations.

    Alan Krinsky: What Do We Do When Freedom Undermines Freedom?

  • In most cases, we preferred the unsurpassably beautiful King James Version, though occasionally we opted for the clarity of the New International Version, a collaborative effort compiled by dozens of biblical scholars and published in 1978.

    The Chosen Peoples

  • On still another occasion I had addressed it in the cause of the brotherhood and sisterhood of letters and the kindred arts, and on each and all the response had been unsurpassably spontaneous, open - handed, and munificent.

    Speeches: Literary and Social

  • With so much of it being so readily available – plus Boards Of Canada making the unsurpassably beautiful Dayvan Cowboy video – where has the scene got left to go apart from deep underground again?

    Watch The Drone Hopscotch Video

  • You may not have heard of it, you may not know where Darfur is on the map, but let me tell you, this is -- this is unsurpassably urgent.

    CNN Transcript May 30, 2007

  • This action, of course, would also be unsurpassable; unsurpassability, understood in this way, has the implication that all God's world-actualization actions, and indeed, all God's actions at all, involve intentions that are equally unsurpassably good and rational; but P1 would be false.

    Archive 2005-02-01

  • If the unsurpassable being has an unsurpassably good and rational intention deliberately involving the making of a surpassable product, then it appears to be the case that the unsurpassable being's action is itself unsurpassable; to make a better product would not (as (P1) explicitly requires) make that action better, but would instead be an entirely different action, because it would require an entirely different intention.

    No Prime World, and Unsurpassable Being

  • This highlights the fact that unsurpassability makes (P1) even harder to support: if someone held that (P1) were the result of a requirement of unsurpassability, this would effectively require them to argue that being unsurpassable makes it impossible to use something surpassable for an unsurpassably good and rational intent.

    Archive 2005-02-01

  • Beyond all other Spanish sculptures they seemed to me expressive of the national temperament; I thought no other race could have produced them, and that in their return to the Greek ideal of color in statuary they were ingenuously frank and unsurpassably bold.

    Familiar Spanish Travels


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