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  • adj. Not suspicious

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not suspicious.
  • Not raising, or tending to raise, suspicion: as, unsuspicious conduct.
  • Not passed in suspicion; free from anything likely to cause suspicion.

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  • adj. not suspicious


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  • And just as he kept saying no one, not even media, is allowed to go in anymore, vans of TV stations and other 'unsuspicious' vehicles kept passing through.

  • We scrambled up the hill, opting for a quick plan of action over a slow, unsuspicious one.

    Kings of Colorado

  • Because there are few humans — fewer than three per square mile — the birds of the Russian Far East are, well, fairly unsuspicious.

    Where Birds Rule the Earth

  • From their dress, and also because the party was immediately behind our lines and within a mile and a half of my headquarters, Meigs and his assistants naturally thought that they were joining friends, and wholly unsuspicious of anything to the contrary, rode on with the three men some little distance; but their perfidy was abruptly discovered by their suddenly turning upon Meigs with a call for his surrender.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • You're right about the vetting, of course, and I'm not unsuspicious (to put it mildly) of HRC.

    Obama Wins Wisconsin, Networks Project

  • Unschooled in the ways of social networking, this still seemed fairly innocuous to me, but not entirely unsuspicious.

    Ester Amy Fischer: The Facebook Other Woman and the Social Networking Casanova: An Old Story, a New Addiction

  • With no facts to the contrary, I reasoned someone must have taken advantage of her merry, unsuspicious nature and claimed her for their own.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog

  • Two or three of the crew endeavored to rush me, but, being entirely unsuspicious of any possible attack from the rear, they were unarmed, and after I had caused several of their number to disintegrate and vanish, the rest were so terrified by the ray-pistol as to be entirely tractable.

    "The War of the Planets" by Harl Vincent, part 7

  • And apparently in the end KSM tied himself to pretty much everything we could have ever listed – a completely unsuspicious circumstance.

    Identified: An OLC Interrogation Memo From 2007 | ATTACKERMAN

  • Arm hair may look different in other parts of the world where men tend to have thicker and darker body hair, but from my Western European point of view, the hair on the Ferré guy's arms looks absolutely unsuspicious of being PSed.

    Ferre: Abs Fab


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