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  • adv. In an unsustainable manner


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  • HOUSTON -- Saudi Arabia's oil minister, Ali Ibrahim al-Naimi, in a speech Tuesday night issued a warning against overzealous boosterism of non-fossil fuel energy sources in a time when oil prices have become "unsustainably" low. rss News

  • "unsustainably" faster than GDP, notes Lacy Hunt, an economist with Hoisington Investment Management Co. in Austin, Texas.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • But I cannot respect a corporation like Chapters/Indigo that operates by bulldozing competitors, expanding unsustainably, and abdicating its responsibility to the communities of readers and writers it depends on.

    Movement mounting against Reisman receiving honorary degree

  • The new government took office at a time when Italy was engulfed by the eurozone crisis, with its benchmark borrowing costs at an unsustainably high level of more than 7%.

    Mario Monti appoints technocrats to steer Italy out of economic crisis

  • Portugal's unsustainably high debt is to be cured by, er, lending it more money.

    A Scheme to Make Charles Ponzi Proud

  • What's more, he said, this could reflect concerns that commodity prices and other assets are artificially and unsustainably supported by near-zero interest rates in major economies such as the U.S., as low yields push investors into the higher returns available elsewhere.

    Silver Is 'Canary' for Risky Currencies

  • Some weakening from 3%-plus growth rates, deemed by most economists to be unsustainably strong, has long been expected, and Germany remains far from a double-dip recession, analysts said.

    Germany's Robust Growth Begins to Cool

  • That homeownership rates might have gotten unsustainably high?

    Matthew Yglesias » Bush, Fannie, Freddie, Crisis

  • Now we are all supposed to believe that the U.S. deficit, which is largely a problem that would go away if the Bush era tax cuts were allowed to expire and we were careful about not starting any more unpaid for wars, has for the first time attracted S&P's attention because it is unsustainably large.

    Neil McCarthy: Good Friday

  • Although he didn't call for a VAT, current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said recently that the deficit is unsustainably large and that policymakers had to accept new taxes or cuts in entitlement programs like Social Security, or a combination of both.

    Are you ready for another tax?


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