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  • adj. Not syncopated.


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un- +‎ syncopated


  • First is "The Glory of the Cubs," dedicated to the "World's Champion Base Ball Team" — a somewhat pedestrian number (sample lyric: "That's why I'm going to sing this song to you/For I know it is true/The Cubs have won the champion game," etc., etc.) mainly notable for being a comparatively unsyncopated effort from Arthur Marshall, one of the early masters of ragtime.

    Holy mackerel

  • I guess that a schwa was just inserted in such clusters which you'd write *a Which would make it look like an 'unsyncopated form' while actually it's a insertion of a schwa to break up the difficult cluster.

    Rethinking the reduplicated perfect in Indo-European

  • I already have common examples like the genitive-declined form *pedós 'of the foot' which contrasts with nominative *pōds showing *o/*e ablaut alternation that can be attributed to the change of unsyncopated unaccented MIE *a in the root to early Late IE (eLIE) *e in order to avoid making declension too obscure with overly erratic root vowel deletions in the paradigm of a noun (i.e. the Paradigmatic Resistance exception of Syncope).

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The word tul seems to refer to a boundary stone and θans may be the same word as the unsyncopated animate plural form tanasar found in TLE 82 & 83 which seems to refer to mourners in a funeral procession.

    The Iguvine Tablets and Etruscan

  • He says the Effect-by which he means the Climb phe-nomenon-was first detected aboard overpowered singleships of the unsyncopated rotary-drive type.

    Passage at Arms

  • Variation 3: Variation 1 in lyrical style/unsyncopated

    Anime Nano!

  • Well, I can see Barack Obama, gingerly rubbing his tush after an obviously unsyncopated date-rape reaming by Wen Jaibao, complaining that those Chinee need to be



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