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  • adj. Not tabulated.


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un- +‎ tabulated


  • Official list of disaster victims still untabulated

    Easter Lemming Liberal News

  • As the counting continued of the 90,000 previously uncounted votes in Alaska today (a full third of the total votes cast had remained untabulated), Democratic Anchorage mayor Mark Begich has now taken a three vote lead over the convicted Republican felon Sen. Ted Stevens who had previously led by some 3,200 votes.


  • This year's report shows that 3 more ballots were tabulated than there were identifiable voters (11,565 ballots tabulated, 11,588 voters credited, with 26 credited ballots properly untabulated).

    Sound Politics: 2006 Election an improvement over 2004, but serious problems remain

  • So if Mr. Martinez can recapture even a bit of his former glory, and the team's young pitchers can learn a bit from the staff's new ace, the Mets are likely to lead the National League in an untabulated, but not unimportant category: disappointed walks back to the opposing dugout.

    Santana's Silence

  • They were angry because they weren't able to see them recounting, as they proposed to do, those untabulated ballots.

    CNN Transcript Nov 22, 2000

  • No review of a theatrical season would be complete without a tabulated list -- or even an untabulated one -- of the six best performances by unstarred actors during the past season.

    A Wodehouse Miscellany Articles & Stories

  • Wisconsin Democrats are now crying foul over election administration in heavily Republican Waukesha County -- and not just in the recent Supreme Court race, in which County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus R announced the discovery of 14,000 untabulated votes from a whole municipality that put conservative Justice David Prosser ahead.

    Crooks and Liars

  • Phil, never one to let a point go untabulated, has said that number is incorrect.

    News from

  • The question now, Ireland said, is whether the city will have the results of 5A certified by the county clerk or, in essence, leave those votes untabulated.

    Aspen Times - Top Stories

  • Drug use was rampant; desertions stood at 70 per thousand, a modern high; small-scale mutinies or "combat refusals" were at critical, if untabulated, levels; incidents of racial conflict had soared; and strife between "lifers" and draftees was at unprecedented levels.

    The Smirking Chimp - News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy


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