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  • adj. Not tailored.


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un- +‎ tailored


  • But the charity's Double Disadvantage report shows that disabled people also face additional detriment on top of their debt problems, including poor, untailored and inconsistent communications from creditors; aggressive and inappropriate selling practices; and unfair practice relating to debt collection or enforcement.

    Disabled people 'face additional debt difficulties'

  • Imagine my brother -- a businessman-- walking into a meeting with that boxy, untailored blazer.

    Terrence Phearse: If Your Clothes Don't Fit... You Must Acquit

  • Very few people can fit well in an untailored suit.

    How To Buy A Suit Online | Lifehacker Australia

  • What they consider to be 'research' consists of typing a few keywords into Dialog and then emailing an unfiltered, untailored list of abstracts off to the users.


  • Brigade commanders in 2008 may distribute their own troops between combat and training missions, rather than relying on a centrally-directed policy untailored to local circumstances.

    Don't Short-Circuit the Surge

  • She will almost certainly become unraveled and amidst from untailored linings.

    A Response to MLK's Speech Today

  • Gareth walked off the dock, his shoulders straight, his black vest at odds with the untailored Fatagar sitting in his own fat, ripping meat off a bone, then crunching the bone into splinters with his sharp teeth.


  • "If you tailored the letter, you would get a better impact, but if you tailor 50 letters or send out 2,000 untailored letters, the 2,000 untailored are going to beat them by 10 to 1." - Jump start your job search

  • The album unraveled like a superficial collection of popular poems: a lush fabric of beautiful textures still untailored and too unsophisticated to form an intricate tapestry.

    Grace Slick The Biography

  • Pet peeve: "Clothes that are too large or untailored." - News


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