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  • adj. Not taxing.


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un- +‎ taxing


  • Myth: An "untaxing" package or trust provides a way of legally and permanently avoiding the obligation to file federal income tax returns and pay federal income taxes

    KnoxViews -

  • A then-groundbreaking but entirely untaxing show from the late '60s?

    USA's 'White Collar': You'll want to catch this thief

  • The flavours here are untaxing, a different thing altogether from a blackcurrant pie with its loud, piercing ring.

    Tender delights

  • Georgism, for the unfamiliar, promotes the Single Tax on natural resource values and locational values, both of which are created by the community, not the producer, while untaxing results of production: wages, capital, and sales.

    Scott Baker: Interview With Canadian Green Party Politicians Erich Jacoby Hawkins and John Fisher

  • Even better than property taxes would be a Land Value Tax, which would be the most consistent and fair tax of all (or, in the words of Milton Friedman, "The least bad tax"), and would actually encourage building, and end urban sprawl - from developers (i.e. Land Squatters) by untaxing the development of capital in the form of buildings.

    Exposing the Fiction of Low Tax States

  • The solution is to stop the debt based money system and go to a fair and equitable tax on natural resources (the single tax), while untaxing labor and capital for maximum productivity.

    Where the Next 2 Trillion is Going to

  • Production would be encouraged by untaxing the rewards of that, but consumption of scarce resources would be discouraged by taxing the raw materials.

    A new form of capitalism is needed: Geonomics

  • By taxing natural resources and untaxing wages and capital (real capital such as trucks, ships, cranes etc.), one would return more than enough money to the community, via taxes, while still allowing honest entrepreneurs and laborers to earn a living.

    Geonomics: what ever happened to the movement Henry George started?

  • We CAN have it both ways -- high productivity due to the untaxing of labor and capital, while also achieving social justice and progressive taxation and protection of the finite resources of the world.

    Single Tax, True Remedy to Inequity to Boom/Bust Cycle

  • Tax the non-manmade resources of the world -- land, oil, coal, air & water (when they're polluted) -- while untaxing both wages and capital derived from production (not including capital from speculative investments).

    Single Tax, True Remedy to Inequity to Boom/Bust Cycle


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