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  • n. The condition of being untenable

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  • n. The quality or state of being untenable; indefensibleness.


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  • The untenability of your position persists regardless of which acquired characteristic you choose as the basis for discrimination.

    ProWomanProLife » “Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbour’s garden”

  • As the political forces rallied against him and prepared to vote on impeachment, in August 2008 General Kayani finally directly conveyed to his former chief the concern of his commanders about the untenability of the situation, and Musharraf realized he was left with no option.

    The Scorpion’s Tail

  • My question is, why do Obama partisans concede that the surge has been effective, given its political untenability over the long term.

    McCain: "Today We Know Senator Obama Was Wrong"

  • The truth is, that it has been not only the Creationists but many others who began with an evolutionary position and finally realized its untenability, e.g.

    [evolution] and its shoddy tactics

  • Indeed, we might as well turn the argument around, and say that the possibility of the dispute being resolved by one participant freely coming around to the other's point of view shows the untenability of relativism.

    Paul Feyerabend

  • But we won't help the Iraqis, or our troops, until we collectively grapple with the untenability of our current situation, and confront the actual choices - military, political, moral - involved in disengaging from Iraq.

    John McQuaid: Unwind the Coil of Denial on Iraq

  • A more stinging criticism by Ekklesia argues that "the Church of England, recognising the untenability of privileges it still claims as an Established Church, is now seeking to create a broader 'multi-faith establishment' where 'the same problems will be replicated across a wider and more complex arena.'"

    Archbishop of Canterbury Suggests Role for Sharia In British Legal System

  • While the dialogue's scenario, and thus this exchange, are clearly fictional, this passage is nonetheless normally taken as indicating that Zeno composed a single treatise comprising numerous arguments, cast in the form of antinomies, all purporting to demonstrate the untenability of the commonsense presumption that there are many things.

    Zeno of Elea

  • From this time forth, the untenability of his position might have been as apparent to Professor Owen as it was to every one else; but, so far from retracting the grave errors into which he had fallen, Professor Owen has persisted in and reiterated them; first, in a lecture delivered before the Royal Institution on the


  • The vast influence of Cuvier was employed against the Lamarckian views, and, as the untenability of some of his conclusions was easily shown, his doctrines sank under the opprobrium of scientific, as well as of theological, heterodoxy.



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