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  • Not tormented; not subjected to torture.


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  • Holed up in her suburban New York McMansion, Izzy, with the aid of Peapod,, and caller ID, has successfully managed to evade just about everyone from her highflying days with the exception of Howard (her long-suffering husband stuck with the carpooling and ferreting (interesing word choice) local goods between deliveries), and Samantha, her tragically untormented teenage daughter.

    12/10/2006 - 12/17/2006

  • Along tracks where the spears are readily available there are few white-ant nests untormented by two or three.

    My Tropic Isle

  • That hung, precariously and eternally, at right angles to reality, between childhood as it should have been and the adulthood of the untormented.

    Cold Copper Tears

  • And he was a simple man, ruthlessly single of purpose, untormented.

    The Thorn Birds

  • He had certain simple, clean, manly convictions as to how a man should act; apparently quite without self-consciousness in this respect, whatever little mannerisms or points of pride he may have had in others -- fewer than most men of his success and fastidiousness -- he went ahead and did accordingly, untormented by any alternatives or casuistries, which for him did not seem to exist.

    Appreciations of Richard Harding Davis

  • The so-called "Venus" in the Tribune at Florence is a more important example still, as it is an elaborately painted picture owing nothing to the brightness that slight painting often has and retains, the colours being untormented by repeated re-touching.

    The Mind of the Artist Thoughts and Sayings of Painters and Sculptors on Their Art

  • It was a satisfactory arrangement, for then there was a bright soft light on the red and white petals, and a drapery of darkness about the mean walls of the room, and a thickening of the atmosphere which hid the archness on the older woman's face, so that the girl dreamed untormented and without knowing that she dreamed.

    The Judge

  • Sweeping about the lawn as on a stage, she resolved to buy clothes that would make her look like other untormented women, and more hangings and pictures and vases to make her house look gay.

    The Judge

  • But Skadi, with her fierce Giant blood, was not content that he should be left untormented.

    The Children of Odin The Book of Northern Myths

  • Hampton, were still leading tranquil, untormented existences.

    Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Winston Churchill


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