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  • adj. Not transfected


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  • Nuclei of untransfected neurons are seen in the background (blue).

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  • Left, sample AMPAR-EPSC traces from untransfected and Luciferase or GRASP-1 shRNA transfected neurons.

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  • Error bars indicate S.E.M. (C, D) LTP was induced in shRNAs expressing and neighboring untransfected cells by pairing depolarization to 0 mV with 2 Hz stimulation for

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  • Top, sample traces mediated by AMPAR (downward) and NMDAR (upward) from pairs of shRNA transfected (Luciferase or GRASP-1-shRNA#5) and neighboring untransfected (Untrans) neurons.

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  • After induction of LTP, cells expressing GRASP-1 shRNA induced comparable levels of potentiation to that of neighboring untransfected cells up to 20 min after the LTP induction protocol.

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  • Bottom, summary graphs of EPSC amplitudes (AMPA-R-EPSCs and NMDA-R-EPSCs) from shRNA transfected and neighboring untransfected cells.

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  • −/− MEFs transfected with PINK1-myc or left untransfected were treated with 2 µM CCCP without serum for 3 h and fractionated.

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  • We found that whereas exogenous expression of PINK1 causes a significant increase in PINK1 transcription relative to untransfected HeLa cells, PINK1 transcription does not significantly increase following depolarization with CCCP (p = 0.4499).

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  • Figure 6D, both the control untransfected cells and the cells expressing wt-53BP1 showed only background levels of γ-H2AX staining by this time after irradiation.

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  • The SR-BI / CLA-1 knockdown cells were able to grow and to differentiate as well as untransfected Caco-2 / TC7 cells (data not shown).

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