untransfigured love


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  • adj. Not transfigured.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ transfigured


  • Admirers of Cunningham may be slightly disappointed by the untransfigured ordinariness of some of this material, which only just scrapes in under cover of Woolf's injunction in "Modern Fiction" to "examine for a moment an ordinary mind on an ordinary day."

    Alan Hollinghurst On Michael Cunningham: The New York Review Of Books

  • Obviously if, on the evening they first meet, they take a cab to his apartment and spring directly into bed, in the morning they will be only their flawed selves, untransfigured by the diamond salt crystals of love.

    WASN'T THE GRASS GREENER A Curmudgeon's Fond Memories

  • Here, then, was passion in action, romance converted to reality; yet the heroines of these exploits returned from them untransfigured, and their husbands were as dull as ever when one had to sit next to them at dinner.

    The Reef; a novel

  • _untransfigured_ truth; -- meaning on the one side, truth which we have not heart enough to transfigure, and on the other, truth of the lower kind which is incapable of transfiguration.

    The Pleasures of England Lectures given in Oxford


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