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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of untwine.


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  • Floresbinda heard the doctor say that her son was dead before he untwined the umbilical cord that was wrapped twice around the baby's neck and began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

    Renee Feltz: Texas Keeps Retarded Men on Death Row

  • With admirable aplomb two brisk figures heaved up into the gateway from the fields without, amiably wreathed together, collided with Bledri in midpassage, and untwined themselves to embrace him between them.

    His Disposition

  • Once the censorship question was called, the double helix of sexual protection and liberation untwined into two strands; the simple mixture of the xx chromosome and a desire for positive change was no longer enough to bind the complex organism the movement had become.

    Archives de la Stan

  • Startled, she untwined her antennae from his as fast as if they had been greased, and drew back.

    Running from the Deity

  • At these times Annie would never ask me any crafty questions (as Eliza did), but would sit with her hair untwined, and one hand underneath her chin, sometimes looking softly at me, as much as to say that she knew it all and I was no worse off than she.

    Lorna Doone

  • Her inner muscles relaxed, and she untwined her legs from about his and set her feet flat on the ground on either side of him.

    Slightly Married

  • With obvious reluctance, the one lowered his fist and the other untwined his fingers from the crushed fabric of Crandall's tunic front.

    Chain of Attack

  • I stood up, untwined my sweater from my handlebars.

    The Queen of Everything

  • Even when Illyana untwined her legs and stood, she pressed against Conan.

    Conan the Valiant

  • Looking more than ever like a Secretary Bird, the Emeritus Professor of Bio-Sophistry untwined his long, wiry legs, a sure sign that he was searching for a devastating retort.



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