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  • adv. In an unusable manner.


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  • Unfortunately, the game highlights the 3DS' only major shortcoming: placement of its direction pad, which unlike the analogue joystick is unusably near the bottom of the machine.

    Games special: Nintendo 3DS launch

  • Sprouting up like weeds, the archetype is identified by their auto-courts, separated 3 story structures, bay windows, intersecting pitched roofs, and unusably small decks –all wrapped up in a nostalgic faux-craftsman envelope.

    Build Blog » Urban Blight

  • Perhaps I've been corrupted by Photoshop, but regardless, the GIMP just feels unusably arcane and clunky.

    December 29th, 2007

  • I only wish I had it on my mac, but the PPC translation makies it unusably slow for disk intensive stuff.

    The ultimate showdown

  • Naturally, there's an index, and imagine how vast that is; there's an index to that index, still unusably huge, an index cubed, fourth- fifth- and sixth- power indices, and so on out to scores of levels deep. "MISPRONOUNCED" WORDS.

  • Hydrogenation allowed manufacturers to make a butter substitute that spreads easily even at refrigerator temperature, where butter is unusably hard.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • And since the only other major player in this space, eBay/PayPal, has an almost unusably terrible API, they're almost certain to do well.

    Amazon Payment Services - Anil Dash

  • Given the tumble of apparent memory during that trial run though, I postponed maybe forever a full-dress exploration of earlier memories that may be unusably clear, harsh and unconfirmable.


  • The F-22's "supercruise," that is, its ability to cruise supersonically, is unusably short in duration due to inadequate onboard fuel capacity -- so short that current Air Force training missions to exercise supercruising combat actually schedule one tanker refueling just before going supersonic and one more refueling before going home subsonically.

    The Full Feed from

  • The browser stuttered in places, but it wasn't unusably bad; hopefully this is something that'll improve over time, since the Kins support over-the-air updates.

    Engadget Mobile


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