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  • adj. Not waking; dormant, asleep.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ waking


  • Not for the first time, the elder orc wished that those greater in their knowledge and use of the old ways had not, with Thrall, been among the first of the unwaking.


  • There were more than a dozen…all strong, especially the dragons and drakes…and at the time, we did not know yet about the unwaking sleep.


  • I add my strength to hers from afar, watch over all tentative advances by the Nightmare into this world, seek those who can help…and watch for the corrupted, the unwaking.


  • I had such frequent crushes, and boy, were they infatuations which took up so much of my sane and unsane and waking and unwaking times. wahahha.

    yanxious Diary Entry

  • Except mine doesn't make me focus every waking instant on games (and, as this morning evidence, my unwaking ones as well), no mine makes me lose ALL real emotional capacity, all desire to live, all desire to help my friends.

    waterdiluted Diary Entry

  • He wanted nothing so much as to curl up in sleep, a sleep without dreams, and remain unwaking for a long, long time.

    Flight in Yiktor

  • The police had more moderately pointed out that if it was Angelo who woke first he might complete the job of murdering me: and Angelo was now in his unwaking sleep along the hallway, guarded by a constable night and day.

    Twice shy

  • Inside the stable, soldiers were sleeping in the straw, careless that any moment a shell might burst through upon them and give them unwaking sleep.

    The Soul of the War

  • So when she slept the unwaking sleep, Ruth, I came here and made her bed with my own hands, and then carried her to it, covered her, and she sleeps well.

    The Harvester

  • 'I sleep lightly, as do all old men; but last night I slept unwaking till broad day.



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