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  • adj. Not weakened.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not weakened; not enfeebled.


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un- +‎ weakened


  • The same intolerable awe and dread that had come upon him in the night, returned unweakened in the day.

    Dombey and Son

  • Is this the effect of the old language and its perfect expression, or is it the greatness of the minds whose works remain unharmed and unweakened by the lapse of a thousand years?

    The Art of Literature

  • The beast took its punishment in awful silence, apparently unweakened by the blood that gushed from its ghastly wounds.

    The Coming of Conan The Cimmerian

  • In either case, Hawk Haven's army should come forth victorious — they must, for they alone would be unweakened by the defection of a traitorous ally.

    Through Wolfs Eyes

  • But they too proved unable to generate the weight of fighting power—combat power, as the Americans call it—to smash through unweakened German defences.

    Overlord D-Day And The Battle for Normandy

  • The signs of necessity in such contexts mark the unqualified, unweakened barrier to action, while the word "ought," too much discussed in philosophical writing, conveys a weakened prohibition or instruction.

    A Special Supplement: Morality & Pessimism

  • Gregoriev was fifty years old; a man ordinarily normal, robust, unweakened by excesses of any description or by any irregularities of life.

    The Genius

  • Then, dropping into prophecy, the broad, optimistic statesmanship of the forties passed into eclipse as he declared that "we are either to be restored to our former position, with the Constitution unweakened, the powers of the State unimpaired, and the fireside rights of our citizens duly protected, or our whole system of government is to fall!"

    A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3

  • The hand which controlled his steed trembled, but the lines of his face spoke of unweakened sinew of spirit, the iron grip of a will that only death might loosen.

    Under the Rose

  • He could feel that her lips still waited for the lover of her life, that round her waist the virgin zone still lay untied, that she could still give herself with all the strength of unsullied purity and unweakened passion.

    The Workingman's Paradise An Australian Labour Novel


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