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  • adj. Not wealthy.


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un- +‎ wealthy


  • The idea that the government should take money from unwealthy young people to transfer to old people with wealth is disgusting.

    Social Security Arithmetic, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The worst examples are Neurological drugs, because the patient does not die and the burden is on wealthy families or the unwealthy taxpayer, and they whistle all the way to the bank.

    Wonk Room » Fact-Checking Karl Rove’s Attacks Against The Public Option

  • At the other extreme, the so-called "libertarian" is a proto-fascist conservative who uses libertarian buzzwords to achieve a political agenda that would actually involve more government intrusion and not less government intrusion -- intrusion to foster business and protect wealth at the expense of the unwealthy.

    Dan Agin: The Comedy of Libertarian Hypocrisy

  • If he takes on a mistress, for most unwealthy people, this is a fundamental threat to the marriage.

    Tom Doctoroff: Second Wives and China's Booming Luxury Market

  • The only justification – ever – for corporate welfare is ironclad proof that the alternative is a net loss of wealth – in job losses and tax revenue – for the unwealthy.

    A tax break for Lockheed Martin?

  • At its core, populism in the United States remains what it has always been: a protest by ordinary people who want the system to live up to its stated ideals — fair and honest treatment in the marketplace and a government tilted in favor of the unwealthy masses.

    The Outrage Factor

  • He's in love with Lindenbrook's niece Jenny played by Diane Baker, who apparently guest-starred in every single TV show made in the 1960s and now plays House's mom and a lot of the first act is about their relationship and whether or not unwealthy Alec will ever be in a position to propose to her.

    Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

  • So I would have to assume that that was a big factor in the Russian Aliya one a big heap gentile Russians into Israel, recieved with welcome arms, and alot more accomodation than the unwealthy Niggers tend to get.

    The Rise in Israeli Anti-Semitism | Jewschool

  • There are always going to be fewer wealthy people than there are unwealthy people, and in a democracy the wealth of those wealthy people is put at risk because the greater majority of the unwealthy can be persuaded to vote to redistribute the wealth of the wealthy to the more numerous non-wealthy.

    My politics | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • It consists of a mind devoid of unwealthy assumptions.

    Creating Wealth


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