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  • adj. Not weighted (used especially of an average or other statistic)


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  • The lame-o pollsters use the excuse that these polls were 'unweighted' -- and by 'weighting' they mean 'fixing' them to match actual results. "

    The Virginian

  • Those exit polls were "unweighted" in the primary.

    Still More Polls Show McCain Convention Bounce

  • The more salient issue is the markedly inferior performance of Mannian PLS to some simple alternatives such as unweighted average or simple principal components.

    Benchmarking from VZ Pseudoproxies « Climate Audit

  • Whether we look at weighted or unweighted data, the two surveys produce similar results.

    American Grace

  • Note the underrepresentation of both the young and nones in the unweighted data.

    American Grace

  • Table A1.4 displays the weighted and unweighted results for an illustrative group of key questions.

    American Grace

  • And at the Girls Who Rock benefit, she seemed utterly at ease, unweighted by the baggage of the last few years.

    Sam Lansky: A Teen Pop Star Grows Up (and Gets Mad Along the Way)

  • If the unweighted sample size is roughly the same as the weighted value, that 4% translates into roughly 75 interviews out of roughly 1900, a subgroup that would have a margin of error of at least +/- 12%.

    Gallup's Frank Newport Responds To Criticism

  • Even if a bank had equity capital relative to risk weighted assets of 10% that might allow leverage to be 30, since a ratio of risk weighted assets to total unweighted assets as low as one-third is not uncommon.

    Banks Can Raise More Capital

  • Not a lot of order changes from the unweighted medal count, which is to be expected assuming a more or less random distribution of medals by type.

    Matthew Yglesias » For the Gold


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