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  • adj. Not worthwhile.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +β€Ž worthwhile


  • I'm not saying it isan unworthwhile cause, I return to the subject of Reagan every now and then, but it is very tough going.

    Proceeding Onward in the Face of a Dark Political Climate

  • The key phrase there is "meaningful control", and meaningful control of their own lives will never be achieved by people whilst the state seeks to impose its control over them, whether by providing for their basic needs welfare, or by forcing them into some scummy and unworthwhile employment on pain of withdrawal of such 'benefits'.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • I just have to try and think positively and not feel that if I fail it will be a total judgement on how completely unworthwhile and inherently unsuccessful my life is.

    And on Friday the bloody thirteenth... how irritating...

  • There were a few things not completely unworthwhile about yesterday's episode, and they were:

    Remote Access

  • I know it’s summer and many/most of you may be doing something unworthwhile and so not reading your emails: if, when you wake, you are seriously upset, let me know.

    Slaw » Taxonomy Letters » Print

  • I see every play except the rather unworthwhile things that they have to put on to try to draw the crowd, and once a month they all come here to a little conversazione and we have some amusing talk.”

    More Work for the Undertaker


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