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  • adj. Not writable.


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  • If it must be reduced to what it "says", I would think it's that certain things are unsayable, certainly unwritable, ironically, perhaps, undercut by the existence of the story itself, except that it still doesn't quite get at what can't be said.

    A Sad Decline

  • England, where a thousand associations link one to every scene and aspect — Ireland seems to me to contain some unique and most impersonal charm, which is quite unwritable.

    Castle Rackrent

  • All we read today would be unwritable without the "love," "death" and "dark" that come to us in the first book of the "Iliad."

    August 29th Poetic Ticker Clicking

  • The order of the operations seems a little odd: 1. make the log unwritable 2. erase the last line of the log- but it's unwritable!

    Dread Empire's Fall: The Sundering

  • The statistics set the tone for what is very much an outward study of Crosby's career: not a description of his inner life — that must be counted among the unwritable books — but a graph of his doings and their intersection with a busy and rapidly evolving world of show biz folk.

    All the Luck in the World

  • This can be disastrous, since files and other subdirectories within writable directories can be moved out and replaced with different versions, even if contained files are unreadable or unwritable to others.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • This adds some protection to unreadable and unwritable directories.

    Phrack Issue #18 (Crimson Death's Issue)

  • The black ignorance, the fierce words interlarded with unwritable terms, the mad personal attack, filled him with a shame and pity that drowned all indignation.

    Christopher Hibbault, Roadmaker

  • And if I had one-third the command over the written word that he had over the unwritten and the unspoken -- not merely that; over the unspeakable and the unwritable -- God knows this history would rank with the deepest art of all time.

    The Enormous Room

  • Besides this, they were practically unwritable, and they provided no adequate means of musical notation.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5: Diocese-Fathers of Mercy


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