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  • n. Alternative spelling of updraft.


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  • Trades and counter trades would doubtless exist but for the efficiency of this updraught, which is caused by the condensation of watery vapour, but the movement would be much less than it is.

    Outlines of the Earth's History A Popular Study in Physiography

  • The updraught from the warmth could blow them away. '

    A Caregiver's Homage To The Very Old

  • Now as he watched they rose majestically over the very heart of the city, their wings lifted as if on an updraught from the massed exhalation of the people thronging either side of the Sacred Way far below.

    Crusader Gold

  • The blast had concussed him, and the updraught had sucked him high into the air and then flung him down upon his back.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • It is actually not very easy to make blacktopped pottery in a more sophisticated updraught kiln in use by the First Dynasty.

    Interactive Dig Hierakonpolis - Narmer's Temple Week 2

  • The helicopter sweeps out beyond the ridge into the open valley, turns and approaches the ridge again from the other side, lifts on the updraught, turns slightly again - and settles.

    Last Chance to See

  • Just as the helicopter seems about to smash itself against the rock wall an updraught catches it and wafts it impossibly up and over the top of the ridge which then falls away again precipitously on the other side, leaving us swinging out over a void.

    Last Chance to See

  • The fuel is burnt below the limestone (in updraught or flare kilns) or within the entire batch (in mixed feed batch kilns).

    Chapter 4

  • · Intermittent kilns include clamps and scove kilns (traditional field kilns), updraught and downdraught kilns.

    Chapter 4

  • The updraught of the gases simply creates this tendency of making hot spots even hotter.

    2. Kilns


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