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  • v. Present participle of upgrow.


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  • You see, while I was born in Seattle and lived there til I was 13, my main upgrowing and expectation-building were done in California.

    Daily Life in Maine

  • That you can go from this zero situation, by planting the vegetables and the trees, or directly the trees, in the lines in that grass there, putting up the buffer zone, producing your compost, and then making sure that at every stage of that upgrowing forest there are crops that can be used.

    Willie Smits restores a rainforest

  • There are thinking men, loving men, Christian men, who tell us we are wrong, we are mad in trying to pluck the intoxicating cup away from men and women, and to keep it wholly out of the hands of little children and upgrowing boys and girls.

    Nearly Lost but Dearly Won

  • Into this unaccountable menagerie came also the foreshadowing of man -- a huge hairy creature possessing size and power to do battle with his animal compeers for supremacy in the seething, upgrowing land.

    Insights and Heresies Pertaining to the Evolution of the Soul

  • Procter family were pressed into service; that is, all but Peter, belonging to a sex blessedly free from work during its young, upgrowing years.

    Suzanna Stirs the Fire

  • For while one speculates whether these pieces are music or not, one discovers that one has entered through them into the life of another being, and through him into the lives of a whole upgrowing generation.

    Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers

  • It must be reckoned a distinct disadvantage for the upgrowing generation that all instruction ends at the age of fourteen, so that, precisely at the period of development in which the reasoning powers are forming, the children are thrown back on themselves and on any chance influences.

    Germany and the Next War

  • If parents do wrong things (e.g. stealing, not taking care of elders etc), the kids will see the same at their tender age and will assume that what ever their parents are doing is correct, by doing this, they will not even realise that they are doing wrong things, it just becomes part of their upgrowing.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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