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  • "Donal Grant wad be the name upo ''t," said Donal.

    Donal Grant, by George MacDonald

  • A body wad think I had nae heid for what I prided mysel 'upo' -- an un'erstan'in 'o' hoo things are putten thegither, specially i 'the w'y o' stane an 'lime!

    Warlock o' Glenwarlock

  • I call upo 'ilk ane o' ye 'at has a frien' or a neebor down yonner, to rise up an 'taste nor bite nor sup mair till we gang up a'thegither to the fut o' the throne, and pray the Lord to lat's gang and du as the Maister did afore 's, and beir their griefs, and cairry their sorrows doon in hell there; gin it maybe that they may repent and get remission o 'their sins, an' come up here wi 'us at the lang last, and sit doon wi' 's at this table, a 'throuw the merits o' oor Saviour

    Robert Falconer

  • "I 'm thinkin'," returned Joseph, the more easily nettled that his horizon also was full of trouble, "your word upo 'the maitter winna gang sae far 's John o' Groat's.


  • Once the Lubonskis decided to do something, the moved with force; next day the count called upo Ambassador Trilling and said: 'I'll vouch for this fello Bukowski.


  • Tapos na ang termino ng bagong halal na presidente, naka upo pa rin ang alipores ni Gloria.

    ellen tordesillas

  • I 'a moment she was gane, an' there was naething to be seen o 'her, nor o' the body o 'the wicked man, nor the wide gulf; an' Lord Malcolm found himsel 'upo' the road to the Abbey o 'Glendown, but he still carried the sprig o' oak an 'the scarlet ribbon.

    Hunter's Marjory A Story for Girls

  • An 'upo' the very spot whaur the gulf had been there grew a wonderfu 'grove o' hawthorn trees, the finest

    Hunter's Marjory A Story for Girls

  • Sae I sat doon in a summer-seat that I cam 'upo', and smokit my pipe and luikit at the stars and the cluds.

    Alec Forbes of Howglen

  • But I denied a 'the haill affair, i' the licht o 'wickedness and thievin' that Mr Crann was castin 'upo' 't.

    Alec Forbes of Howglen


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