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  • adv. Obsolete spelling of up.


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  • Jag och flera av mina kollegor här nere i Malmö tyckte det var väldigt kul att för ett par veckor sedan på Loka Kanarps blogg kunna läsa lite om hur serietecknarna har det uppe i huvudstaden.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Hur var det nu med den där historien då du var uppe och fylleklättrade på Atomium och fastnade med gylfen i en svetsfog.

    Slow times at

  • Fiste oftentimes on the Table, at ast he started uppe, and spake in this manner.

    The Decameron

  • If thou deny me this gracious favour; at least send me uppe a glasse of Water, onely to moisten my mouth, which my teares (being all meerly dried up) are not able to doe, so extreame is the violence of the Sunnes burning heate.

    The Decameron

  • Masse, and all else were quicklie shaken uppe, as if his devotion waited onely on her presence.

    The Decameron

  • From his Horse he alighted, and tying him by the bridle unto a great tree, uppe he climbed into the same Tree, fearing to be devoured (in the night time) by some wilde beast, choosing rather to let his Horse perish, then himselfe.

    The Decameron

  • Wherein is plainly proved, that love cannot be rooted uppe, by any humane power or providence; aspecially in such soule, where it hath bene really apprehended

    The Decameron

  • Be now then so mercifull (for manhoods sake) as to come uppe hither, and inflict that on me, which mine owne hands are not strong enough to do, I meane the ending of my loathed and wearisome life, for I desire it beyond all comfort else, and I shall honour thee in the performance of it.

    The Decameron

  • For, you having so long time solicited me, one while with affable language, then againe with tokens and entisements, of such prevailing power: as have broken the verie barricado of my former deliberation, and yeelded mee uppe as your prisoner, to be commanded at your pleasure for now I am onely devoted yours.

    The Decameron

  • Cottages, may yeeld as divine and excellent spirits, as the most stately and Royall mansions, which breed and bring uppe some, more worthy to be Hog-rubbers, then hold any soveraignty over men?

    The Decameron


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