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  • n. The state, or an instance, of being uppish.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The character of being uppish; arrogance; airiness; pretentiousness; self-assertion.

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  • n. assumption of airs beyond one's station


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  • Barby, I believe, has a good opinion of us, and charitably concludes that we mean right; but some other of our country friends would think I was far gone in uppishness if they knew that I never touch fish with a steel knife; and it wouldn't mend the matter much to tell them that the combination of flavours is disagreeable to me – it hardly suits the doctrine of liberty and equality that my palate should be so much nicer than theirs.


  • From the edge of the small waves Somers heard one man talking to another, and the English tones — unconsciously he expected a foreign language — and particularly the peculiar educated – artisan quality, almost a kind of uppishness that there is in the speech of Australian working men, struck him as incongruous with their picking up the coal – cobs from the shore.


  • Offers of pipes, clasp-knives, tobacco, etc., rained upon him from the very men who had cuffed and kicked him like a dog but a few days before; and even his refusal of these gifts, which would formerly have been set down to conceit and "uppishness," was now taken in perfectly good part.

    Harper's Young People, March 30, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly

  • He was especially severe in commenting on the "uppishness," (to use a word of modern coinage), of young men under age adopting the slang engendered by the French Revolutionary times, and prating about the rights of man, the inalienable right of resistance to tyranny, and such "bigoty" phrases.

    History of the University of North Carolina. Volume II: From 1868 to 1912

  • They should not have allowed themselves to assume that the "uppishness" was due to want of that humility which they rightly expected in their pupils.

    The Adventure of Living : a Subjective Autobiography

  • "uppishness" when the sale was over she should soon be made to see that it wouldn't pay.

    Winnie Childs The Shop Girl

  • a moment, and then, seeing that Uncle Remus paid no attention to her, she sat down and picked at her fingers with an air quite in contrast to her usual "uppishness," as Uncle Remus called it.

    Nights With Uncle Remus Myths and Legends of the Old Plantation

  • "insolently injurious" includes, with the idea of injuring others, that of insolent "uppishness" [Donaldson] in relation to one's self.

    Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

  • Why all their uppishness amounts to is extra special greedy guts, ten – thousand – a – year minimum.


  • But one was palpably a Welshman, and loved picking up something for nothing; and the other mixed his democratic uppishness with a queer lousy quality, like a bushranger.



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