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  • v. Present participle of uprate.
  • n. The assignment of a higher rating
  • n. An upgrade


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  • Osborne recently floated the idea of uprating payments in line with average earnings, a lower figure.

    The Guardian World News

  • The little-publicized practice, known as uprating, has expanded the country's nuclear capacity without the financial risks, public anxiety and political obstacles that have halted the construction of new plants for the last 15 years. - News

  • On top of that, there's a process called uprating whereby these operators can apply to increase the rate in which to operate the plant and in some cases up to 120% of design capacity.

    Democracy Now!

  • Treasury documents disclosed that the total cost to the economy of the benefits "uprating" will be £700milion in 2010-11. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • The installed capacity has increased slightly through "uprating," or technical improvements at existing plants that increase electricity generation.

    Web Edition | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

  • Agreements reached in recent years: to use the CPI instead of RPI when uprating pensions for inflation, raising the retirement age to 65 for new entrants, and less generous accrual rates – are in line to lop 25% off the future bill for public pensions.

    Hutton report: he's no friend of gold-plated pensioners

  • Unions said they had made no progress on the most contentious proposals – to increase public sector workers' contributions, change the system of uprating schemes, and raise the pension age for government employees.

    Public sector strikes to go ahead after talks fail

  • A unilateral uprating of thr cooncil minimum wage (and every other glasgow cooncil rate in time) for aboot the cheapest place in Britain to live; The most subsidised city in Europe - but we are now also to subsidise a minimum wage rate higher than we are paying our own poor?

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Buy Union internal nomination votes in the Labour Party with this populist mince, then the votes of about a 10th of the population of Glasgow with the £1.30 per hour uprating which, - with Unions working the differentals - will in due course apply to many more than the Glasgow City Council workers on the minimum wage

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The government is seeking four major changes to the schemes: a 3.2 percentage point increase in contributions by 2014-15; pegging the pension age for public sector employees to the state pension age; switching the uprating of benefits from the RPI rate of inflation to the less robust CPI measure; and switching people in final salary schemes to career average schemes.

    Union signs NHS pension reform pact


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