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  • v. Present participle of upregulate.


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  • The EGCG may also bind to the protective transcription factor NRF2, upregulating many of our antioxidant defense systems.

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  • However, as a plant physiologist, I also know that increased CO2 will have also played a considerable role in upregulating photosynthesis of these high altitude trees over the last 50 years by virtue of relaxation of substrate limitation.

    If Dulan Junipers Were a Temperature Proxy « Climate Audit

  • The hope, he says, is to identify how mutations cause cancer by upregulating specific methyltransferases, and develop compounds to block those specific enzymes.

    News from The Scientist

  • Symbiodinium types, presumably upregulating the high-light, high-heat tolerant species in summer.

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  • A-BOMB even goes a step further to improve muscle gene activation by upregulating your DNA's central control system.

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  • Progesterone drives a series of events where luminal cells probably provide Wnt4 and RANKL signals to basal cells which in turn respond by upregulating their cognate receptors, transcriptional targets and cell cycle markers.

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  • - ForsLean® has been shown to increase thyroid hormone production, upregulating metabolism in the process, while exhibiting a positive effect on testosterone production.

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  • P. aeruginosa respond to the presence of PMNs by upregulating synthesis of a number of virulence determinants including rhamnolipids, all of which are able to cripple and eliminate cells of the host defense which support a 'launch a shield' model by which rhamnolipids surround the biofilm bacteria and on contact eliminate incoming PMNs

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  • Thus, although E2F1 is capable of upregulating transcription, transcriptional activation per se by E2F1 is paradoxically not required by cells at any time in the cell cycle

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  • For example, single cells actively migrating might be upregulating expression of genes and proteins optimized for cell locomotion, while those establishing cell-cell attachment are upregulating expression of adhesion molecules such as E-cadherin necessary for intercellular junction organization.

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