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  • adjective Raised up in a ridge or ridges.

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  • adjective obsolete raised up in ridges


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  • At the same time ranges were upridged out of thick

    The Elements of Geology

  • A massive range was upfolded where the Wasatch Mountains now are, and various ranges of the Rockies in Colorado and other states were upridged.

    The Elements of Geology

  • Appalachian Mountains, upridged at its beginning, to have been weathered and worn away and carried grain by grain to the sea.

    The Elements of Geology

  • Tertiary deposits with marine fossils occur along the western foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, and are crumpled among the mountain masses of the Coast Ranges; it is hence inferred that the Great Valley of California was then a border sea, separated from the ocean by a chain of mountainous islands which were upridged into the Coast Ranges at a still later time.

    The Elements of Geology

  • As a result of these movements, -- perhaps several times repeated, -- a great mountain range was upridged, which has been long since leveled by erosion, but whose roots are now visible in the Taconic Mountains of western New

    The Elements of Geology

  • From time to time on all the continents subterranean forces gathered head, and the crust was bent and broken and upridged in lofty mountains.

    The Elements of Geology


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