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upright position


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  • He'd just restored the chair to an upright position when the hostler came stomping through the door with the hostess behind him, brandishing a broom.

    The English Witch

  • If it had not been for the stiffness of his elbows; and the upright position of his long feet, which stood on their toes erect as gate-posts, Mr. Pelham might have thought that he had dropped asleep.

    Northern Georgia sketches,

  • Sefton returned to his upright position with key in hand.

    Beacon Street Mourning

  • The least relaxation of the leg muscles pressed the rough-fibred noose into his neck, while the upright position caused him much pain in his wounded shoulder.


  • He passed the ends of the lines over a big spool, which revolved upon an axle of wire suspended from a beam overhead, and, with the aid of this improvised pulley, lowered the empty basket until it came to rest in an upright position upon the floor of the storeroom at the foot of the sawdust-box.


  • Bleary-eyed and not quite focused, he struggled into a more or less upright position and looked around.

    Annie, Get Your Guy & Messing Around With Max

  • He fell on the instant, which occasioned a momentary halt, and letting myself aloose at the top, recovered an upright position at the bottom, but in a dilapidated plight.

    Recollections and reflections : an auto of half a century and more,

  • Her broad feet — not essentially nun-like, just the broad and easy-shod feet of any very old woman — were planted upon the fender for warmth, and to help support in an upright position the soldierly, hard, old body.

    St Peter's Finger

  • With respect to the upright position of the tail, it seems to depend (but whether this is really the case I know not) on the elevator muscles being more powerful than the depressors, so that when all the muscles of the hinder part of the body are in a state of tension, the tail is raised.

    The expression of the emotions in man and animals

  • Since the nutrient-stasis fluid was colorless and the tube cover transparent, from his upright position he could stare out and see the entire facility.



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