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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of uproot.


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  • As a lady has well remarked -- "to a frank and ardent nature," and such usually have this sex, "reasoning on love is a useless pastime; -- it can be overcome only by an effort strong as the whirlwind, such as uproots the young and vigorous oak, in its bright leafing time.

    The Young Maiden

  • Through a celebration of culture and comedy, Just Like Us uproots the widely held misconception that Arabs have no sense of humor -- when in fact they laugh, and are, just like us.

    Tribeca Film: Tribeca Takes: Ahmed Ahmed on Just Like Us

  • Suburgatory, which follows a single dad who uproots his daughter from New York proper to the suburbs, debuted to 9.8 million viewers, marking a 27 percent improvement over last year's tenant of the time slot, Better With You.

    ABC Orders More Happy Endings Scripts; Revenge, Suburgatory Get Full Seasons

  • He hurls mountains, uproots forests and causes earthquakes with his all-consuming anger against the possible loss of power and control.

    Laura Amazzone: Goddess Durga: A Divine Female Role Model For Our Times?

  • VidyaGyan is a unique model that uproots underprivileged children from their existing environments and brings them to a completely different one they are not familiar with, both in terms of education and lifestyle.

    C. M. Rubin: The Global Search for Education: A Free Education

  • How else can we characterize a man who hears a voice telling him that his people will be as numerous as the stars if he uproots his family from the town of Ur, travels for weeks through the desert, all in the pursuit of the promised land, a land unknown to him?

    Robert David Jaffee: Think Different: Mental Illness Linked to Creativity, Not Violence

  •  Though the wings are of the best craftsmanship and the feathers themselves fastened using the utmost means, the average angel does plenty of dancing and flapping and other things which, over the ages, uproots those blessed quills surely as a stream carves a canyon.

    The Feather

  • It uproots cultures, forcing people from their communities in search of scarce jobs that don't pay enough to survive.

    John O'Kane: Who's the Enemy?

  • So as Chairman Leahy suggested, when a decision like the one handed down earlier this year by a 5-4 vote in the Citizens United case uproots longstanding precedents and undermines our democratic system, the public's confidence in the court can't help but be shaken.

    TRANSCRIPT: The Elena Kagan Hearings - Day 1

  • Note 152: For example, Castiglione writes: "I did not say that temperance wholly removes and uproots the passions from the human mind, nor would it be well to do this, for even the passions contain some elements of good; but [temperance] reduces to the sway of reason that which is perverse in our passions and recusant to right."

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro


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