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  • verb Present participle of uptalk.


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  • Sure, there was a lot of uptalking by the usually quarrelsome cast about their suddenly strong friendships, and everyone had a well-timed transition to look forward to - Breaking News

  • Though she vehemently denies that she can stop uptalking to me, when she is angry she speaks perfectly.

    Language Log

  • I noticed that many of her friends, all professionals including psychologists, attorneys and physicians also engage in uptalking.

    Language Log

  • When she visits me, she populates most of her explanations with uptalking.

    Language Log

  • I have developed a serious interest in the origination of uptalking and methods to treat it.

    Language Log

  • But perhaps this historical perspective will help you to make linguistic peace with your uptalking daughter and her professional friends.

    Language Log

  • Has any research been done to show that not only has the phenomenon of uptalking been documented and described, but that it can have very negative affects on the listener?

    Language Log

  • When I am conversing with her I become extremely anxious since I have fixated on the uptalking and it puts me at a severe level of discomfort.

    Language Log

  • It's annoying to hear her really choppy, uptalking voice heckle me on how I should eat antioxidants and healthy stuff -- sorry, I'm a fatass and I LIKE IT THIS WAY:)

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