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  • verb Present participle of upthrust.


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  • In SFCave, you piloted a spacecraft through a cave with many upthrusting stalagmites and downhanging stalactites.

    - Boing Boing

  • Swiftly upthrusting saplings did not arise to form an obstructing palisade in front of them, and roots failed to erupt from the bare earth to clutch at their feet.

    Kingdoms of Light

  • But his voice issued from a relentless mouth with a strong upthrusting lower lip and down-turned corners.


  • A great head, a woman with cracks across her face and a crown that seemed to be made of upthrusting daggers, some still whole.

    The Path of Daggers

  • Hawks took wall - or floor-perches of tree limbs wrapped in leather, while falcons, it seemed, required perches made of upthrust sections of stump, like upthrusting rocks, but padded so that the talons of a sleeping bird had something to grip.


  • The structure, beyond repair, had been left open to the sky, a grey elegance of upthrusting stones softened by ivy and clumps of sedum.

    The Fifth Rapunzel

  • Rather, it was a seamount, a volcanic upthrusting of rock from the ocean floor.

    Jurassic Park

  • What he saw upthrusting from the center of their temple was a ballistic missile.

    The Arsenal

  • Lie down at ease where leaves whisper beneath hues of upthrusting land coral; drink light and wind and sound of the river.

    The Rebel Worlds

  • Some way ahead, a mile or so, perhaps, was a great grey wall, a last huge upthrusting mass of mountain-stone.

    The Lord of the Rings


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