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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of uptilt.


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  • And smack dab in the center of our center of the universe, Holly, nine dollar Naturale uptilted in her teeth, hand outstretched to the admirer bringing her her third chocolate martini, surrounded by men, seven or eight of us, smoking, getting drunk, and vying for her attention.

    A master of the universe plots his own downfall

  • His voice was muffled and his face half-hidden by the uptilted mug.


  • Ian was telling a story about getting bumped overboard while whitewater rafting, when Alice noticed that the gunwale on the more uptilted side of the skiff was less than an inch underwater.

    Here Comes Another Lesson

  • She glanced up at him inquiringly, her big blue eyes and uptilted face disarmingly devoid of fear.


  • The stones had been recently hosed down, but looking closely he could still see traces of dark red in the cracks between the uptilted slabs.

    Neurosurgical Intervention For Beginners

  • The elaborate dress, gloved hands, uptilted beard and arrogant stance makes a mockery of the salon dancing so beloved of the upper classes during the period of the French intervention (1864 - 1867) under the hapless Hapsburg Emperor Maximilian and his Empress Carlotta.

    Chinelo Dancers And The Original Hip Hop

  • I had seen Pitt in Commons, that Grenville nose uptilted so the nostrils became caverns, the body rigid with pride, the fluty voice quivering through the marble halls with erudition or impatience, scorn or sweet persuasion.


  • And whirling his fiendish assailant bodily on high, he dashed him down across the uptilted edge of the fallen table as a man might break a stick of wood across his knee.

    People of the Dark

  • Tasmin sat under the uptilted pirogue, Jim Snow on the other side of the fire, his face now in shadow, now in light.

    The Berrybender Narratives

  • It was perfect — soft and heavy, yet firm and uptilted too.

    Slightly Dangerous


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