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  • v. Present participle of upvote.


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  • Spend some time enjoying, upvoting and commenting positively on other people's material on Reddit.

    Promoting a book or blog in the Darwinian underworld of

  • The submission and comment system relies heavily on "upvoting" and "downvoting," meaning that stories and comments that are judged to be the most worthy by the most people float to the top while bad ideas and inferior content gets downvoted into oblivion. News

  • On top of that there are a lot of upvoats for things you wont see a left person upvoting, which makes me lean towards the idea that really you have a more moderate community here when someone shoots in self defense doesn't get downvoted into hell (talking with a lot of European liberals about this kind of stuff).

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  • Facebook and upvoting it on on Reddit and Digg ... www. digg. com - Business News

  • It's this weird 'my world view by any means' nonsense that has people accepting and upvoting comments and stories that fit into their preconceived view of the world and downvoting those that don't regardless of the logic or facts behind either. what's new online!

  • I find it strange that Redditors are upvoting this.

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  • And how goddamn scary that people are upvoting it.

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