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  • intransitive verb To rise from a lower or inner source; well up.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • To upspring; issue forth, as water from a fountain.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • verb intransitive, of a fluid To rise from a lower source; to well up


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  • The strong winds that typically "upwell" colder deep-ocean waters to the ocean surface ceased in late May, he said.

    NBC Bay Area -

  • He saidthatadequatefunds would be distributed among the departments so that the work onvarious developmental projects is taken upwell in time.

    Annual budget of Indian Kashmir to be presented on Aug 10

  • And the deeper you go into the ocean, you know, the colder that water is, so that's going to upwell a little bit and it's going to lose a little bit of its octane fuel, so to speak, to feed that storm.

    CNN Transcript Aug 31, 2008

  • However, when surface waters are warm as during an El Niño, they do not allow the colder, deeper currents to upwell and effectively block the flow of life-sustaining nutrients.

    Lorenz et al 2006: "Tropical Cooling" « Climate Audit

  • When surface waters are cold, deeper depths are allowed to upwell, bringing these essential nutrients toward the surface where the phytoplankton may use them.

    Lorenz et al 2006: "Tropical Cooling" « Climate Audit

  • A La Nina needs favorable subsurface water conditions plus strong easterly surface winds to help upwell the cool water.

    Unthreaded #12 « Climate Audit

  • Footnote: There is a lot of anomalously cool subsurface water in the key tropical Atlantic region this year which may well upwell.

    Bill Gray and the Atlantic Meridional Mode « Climate Audit

  • Gray says, “When a weaker thermohaline circulation happens, the Southern Hemisphere oceans upwell less water into their upper mixed layer, and the globe gradually warms”.

    Bill Gray Presentation « Climate Audit

  • It would be something like: “X” causes cold deep water to increasingly upwell off Antarctica and not in the Indian Ocean, which warms the Warm Pool, which puts greater heat into the especially Northern Hemisphere atmosphere which directly heats and puts the atmosphere into a less-efficient heat removal state.

    Bill Gray Presentation « Climate Audit

  • Mixing by diffusion would take practically forever, so most of the mixing is via deep sea currents which then upwell various places, such as along the Chilean coast and downwell in places like the arctic ocean.

    KTH, Stockholm Conference « Climate Audit


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