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  • Of or pertaining to the heavens; celestial; astronomical.
  • Pertaining to, obtained from, or containing uranium: noting salts of which the base is uranium sesquioxid, or in which uranium oxid acts as an acid.
  • In anthropology, relating to the palate.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to the heavens; celestial; astronomical.
  • adjective (Chem.) Pertaining to, resembling, or containing uranium; specifically, designating those compounds in which uranium has a valence relatively higher than in uranous compounds.

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  • adjective chemistry Containing uranium in higher valences than uranous compounds.


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uran- + -ic


  • By and large, the subject of Abramanov's clandestine communication with Serman had been the creation of trans-uranic isotopes heretofore believed to be only theoretical.

    Floating City

  • When you're on Urth, you'll no longer be moving in the uranic sense.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • For the discovery and investigation of this radiation, called uranic or Becquerel rays, the Academy of Sciences awarded the

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1911 - Presentation Speech

  • I have got a good black perfectly like that of an engraving, by the nitrate of uranic oxide, developed by ammonio-nitrate of silver (or plain nitrate) and fixed by plain hyposulphite without any coloring bath.

    Photographic Reproduction Processes

  • I have used for the solution of the uranic oxide for this process a variety of acids with very similar results; the sensitiveness of the prepared paper to light varying much, however.

    Photographic Reproduction Processes

  • In those cases where the pharmacist is asked to determine phosphoric acid quantitatively, the uranic-acetate method described in Sutton's

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 611, September 17, 1887

  • *** “The next class of processes are dependent on the sensitiveness to light of the salts of uranic oxide or sesquioxide of uranium, U2O3.”

    Photographic Reproduction Processes

  • *** I have tried the hyposulphite of gold on some of the silver-developed prints prepared with the hydrofluate of the uranic oxide and fixed with ammonia, which had an exceedingly unpleasant raw-red color, a very agreeable gray was at once obtained.

    Photographic Reproduction Processes

  • As pointed out by Mr.B. J. B.rnett (see Introduction), many photographic processes can be devised by basing them upon the various chemical changes, of which uranous oxide, reduced by light from the uranic nitrate or sulphate, is susceptible by means of metallic or organic reagents.

    Photographic Reproduction Processes

  • This metal now converts the ferricyanate in the ferro compound, which, by another action, forms both cupric and uranic ferrocyanate.

    Photographic Reproduction Processes


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