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  • n. The state or condition of being urban.


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urban +‎ -ness


  • The flurry of street activity gives the film the essence of urbanness, which is an immersive, intoxicating verisimilitude to anyone who's tried to walk down Canal Street.

    Washington Square News RSS

  • I think that's a reasonable proxy for the "urbanness" of a place - certainly, it's the best we can do with Census data.

    Caracas Chronicles

  • Conceptually, the Helix Hotel participates in a critical dialogue between opulence and urbanness, between the variety of services offered by a small city and the demands of a five-star hotel guest.

    The Helix Hotel by Leeser Architecture

  • For example, the fact that Fairbanks is one of the 13 out of 290 that show up in the Parker study is evidence that U, the urbanness of Fairbanks, has increased in the last few decades.

    More ISO-2000 Weather Stations from Jones and Hansen « Climate Audit

  • It is showing that the data used by Peterson do indeed have distinct differences between rural and urban stations based on an alternate definition of urbanness.

    Trends in Peterson 2003 « Climate Audit

  • There are times when Dazed's insistence that it's "different", that it's a magazine for "outsiders", can jar slightly - after all, it relies on sponsorship to survive, relies on commercial brands attaching themselves to the magazine and dirtying themselves a bit with its urbanness, its fearless nipple-baring.

    The Guardian World News

  • Lefebvre defined the essence of urbanness, Shields writes, "as the simultaneity of many discrete social interactions brought together in a centrality," and "analyzed the impact of changing social relations and economic factors under capitalism upon the quality of access and participation in the urban milieu."

    Political Affairs Magazine

  • Whether she's wearing some chic boots or a scarf, the woman has a touch of downtown, beachy / urbanness that's almost too great to call one style.

    Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle


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