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  • n. A white, odorless powder, C9H12N2O6, that is the nucleoside of uracil, important in carbohydrate metabolism, and used in biochemical experiments.

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  • n. a nucleoside formed from uracil and ribose


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  • Repligen announced on Monday that a mid-stage clinical trial showed one that its drug, RG2417, also known as uridine, was not significantly better than a placebo in treating bi-polar depression. News

  • Other sugar nucleotides such as uridine diphosphate acetylglucosamine and guanosine diphosphate mannose were also isolated.

    Luis Leloir - Biography

  • Click 'show compounds' in the right-hand nav and you should see compounds like pyrazine/uridine highlighted in the text.

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  • Compared to human milk, cow's milk has lower levels of nucleotide as uridine, inosine, and cytidine.

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  • Reichard repeated and extended this experiment with U-14C uridine in 1957 with much the same result for the deoxycytidine and thymidine4.

    Irwin Rose - Autobiography

  • Brown made an important contribution to the Stadtman effort when he and a colleague discovered that a regulatory enzyme in the glutamine synthetic pathway was controlled by covalent attachment of a nucleotide, uridine.

    Michael S. Brown - Biography

  • With his early collaborators, Ranwel Caputto, Carlos E. Cardini, Raúl Trucco and Alejandro C. Paladini work was started on the metabolism of galactose which led to the isolation of glucose 1,6-diphosphate and uridine diphosphate glucose.

    Luis Leloir - Biography

  • Further work showed that uridine diphosphate glucose is involved in glycogen synthesis and adenosine diphosphate glucose in that of starch.

    Luis Leloir - Biography

  • Coadministration of ISENTRESS with drugs that are strong inducers of uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase UGT 1A1 may result in reduced plasma concentrations of raltegravir.

  • Each minicircle consists of four constant regions interspersed by variable sequences that contain guide RNA genes required for uridine insertion/deletion RNA editing

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