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  • n. The established group of users for a particular computer program, technology, etc.


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user +‎ base


  • On the surface, there was nothing to indicate that things were going less than fine and, at least to me, it seemed that Jamendo was on a stable basis; they have lots of artists publishing great albums, the userbase is growing and all in all everything seemed fine.

    Jamendo in Trouble? « Inane Bits

  • For example, EA in particular has invested heavily in Wii strategy; if you're an EA investor, wanting the publisher to grow its marketshare on the platform with the largest userbase is a reasonable desire.

    Wii On The Brain

  • If we assume that our userbase is representative, that means:

    Google Pac-Man Might’ve Cost Us $120,483,800 | Impact Lab

  • And therein lies an interesting side effect of online apps – 100% of your userbase is on the version you want them to be on, instantly.

    Online Apps are always upgraded : #comments

  • The userbase is still rather small in comparison to what it could be, it makes big bucks on iPods etc, and MS is struggling with both longhorn and the 64-Bit switch.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The Apple / Intel Marriage

  • This someone needs to takeover the domains and the userbase, which is round about somewhat of

    Planet Ubuntu

  • This way we get more heterogeneous userbase, which is a good idea security-wise.

    The Blog Herald

  • They been testing it not only to see how easy it is to ban the widget because you dont need to do it live (unless you want it to affect the userbase which is what they tried to do) but to test their userbase.

    MySpace is Getting a Little Testy

  • This led to an anticipated dropoff in virality, but it also resulted in a huge jump in JibJab’s userbase, which is more valuable to the company in the long run.

    They’re Baaack! ElfYourself 2009 Is Now Live

  • With that kind of userbase, bias will be inevitable.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]


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