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  • n. A conceptual space outside the kernel in which a user's applications can run without the risk of damage to the operating system.


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user +‎ land


  • Geohot (a rather famous hacker) previously uploaded a video demo of an untethered iPhone jailbreak, and now a hacker by the name of "comex" has come up with a browser based untethered iPhone jailbreak, dubbed userland, for the iPhone

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • In my own experience it doesn't perform like linux does now, ZFS is cool but just confuses me and the userland is the most horrible thing ever. - most clicked links

  • It's now quite commonplace to define virtual machines for "userland" code - the Java VM, the CLR, the Parrot virtual machine and 'hidden' VMs that underlie various programming language implementations such as CPython and Scheme 48.

    Snell-Pym » Designing a Hardware Abstraction Layer: A VM for an operating system

  • If enforced, those regulations would prevent companies like AdMob from collecting some analytic data on ads placed in iOS applications -- data that Apple itself could collect with its iPhone 4 gets preliminary 'userland' jailbreak, real freedom still forthcoming iOS 4 privacy policy updated: Apple can anonymously collect location data, you can take ...


  • The shot that you see here is a "userland" jailbreak.

  • Google's HTML5 plans for Gmail include 1 second-to-Inbox startup iPhone 4 gets preliminary 'userland' jailbreak, real freedom still forthcoming

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • Right now in "userland" PHP code I have to do multiple array cycles to glue the prefix on each key, pass it to memcached, get the result back, and cycle through the result, removing the key prefix.

    Planet PHP

  • Here is a hint for all those who use "userland" .... chances are that the term does not mean what some of you think it means.


  • August 01, 2003 possible migration back to radio userland


  • Have you considered using a userland FUSE implementation of ZFS or other snapshotting FS with storage onto remote servers?

    Snell-Pym » Ugarit Roadmap


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