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  • NumPut (1, arr, 0, "ushort"); cDims (number of dimensions)

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  • NumPut (3, prm6+0,0, "ushort"); default to Int return type.

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  • ErrorExit ( "CreateFile failed"); Verify EXE signature. e_magic: = SeekNumRead (hfile, 0, "ushort") if (e_magic!

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  • FuncFile: = NumGet (pFuncLine+2,0, "ushort") if! pFirstFunc or (FuncFile pFirstFunc: = pFunc, FirstFuncLine: = FuncLine, FirstFuncFile: = FuncFile if! (pLine: = NumGet (pLine+20)); pLine - > mNextLine break if pFirstBIF

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  • For other numeric types, you have to cast explicitly: (byte) 1, (sbyte) 1, (short) 1, (ushort) 1

  • PacShutdown (); public void SetLEDStates (int Id, ushort Data)

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  • MS06-054: typedef struct _STTBF ulong bMax; ulong ibstMac; ulong reserved3; ulong cbExtra; uchar fNoShrink; uchar wReserved2; ushort wReserved;

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  • This does not include short or ushort so an integer literal will be of type int, uint, long or ulong.

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  • [FieldOffset (12)] internal ushort SPrintNameOffset;

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  • [FieldOffset (8)] internal ushort MSubstituteNameOffset;

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